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Found fotos

Could anything be better than life as a five-year-old? The answer is no, if you ignore the five-year-old powerlessness against the desires of adults to dress you in grass skirts (see photo below). I found a small album of childhood pictures while visiting my parents last weekend. Here are some gems.

Cousins in skirts

From R to L: Yours truly, my cousin David, my cousin Brigham, and my sister Nancy, who presumably does not still wear bras over her shirts.

My sister Nancy and I

Nancy and I in bunkbeds at the beach cabin in Capistrano, California. I’m holding one of my beloved activity books, which I purchased and consumed ravenously on a weekly basis. Kind of ‘splains my crossword obsession.

My brother Chris and I

One of many Provo Fourth of July parade pictures. My brother (now in Mali, Africa!) is sitting next to me. I’m not sure what’s going on inside that little head of mine in this picture. Math problems? Ideas for better parade floats?

Annie and I

A classic. Notice that the real focus here is my sister Annie, who has already posted about childhood/adolescent fashion woes. Nice socks, Annie.


One of my favorites. I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but I like to think that I’m singing.


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