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Easy, really.  Just rent a house that the owner plans on selling, take the year to make sure you like it, then do all the irritating paperwork and get the transaction done.  (I’m really bad at the paperwork part – it might as well be in Mongolian as far as I’m concerned.)

We are in the middle of this process, and will close on May 31.  The entire thing has almost been charmed from day one: we found the house via Craigslist, and since we were in Indianapolis at the time, the only way we could get a feel for the place was to ask our friend Christine to take a look at it.  When  she showed up to meet the landlord, they both realized that their daughters went to preschool together.  Those kinds of connections always make things more reassuring; plus, that sort of serendipity has repeated itself several times since we’ve come to Denver, leading to renewed and rediscovered friendships, jobs, and an overall sense of purpose about things that often seem pretty random.  (That’s a very wordy way of saying that we’ve run into various long-lost acquaintances – college and grad school friends and colleagues, Peace Corps folks – in tiny neighborhood churches and in elevators in downtown office buildings.  In most cases, these are people that belong in other times and places and *not* in Denver, Colorado.)

On to the house and neighborhood.  Here are some outside pictures of the house.   First the front:Front

Now the back (imagine more roses in bloom and a cat or two lounging somewhere):Back

And finally, the patio (imagine pots of flowers and another layer of peace flags):


The house is small, and we’re looking forward to using space in a more strategic and intentional way.   Maybe a dining room table that doubles as a sofabed?  A piano that also washes dishes?

We live in the Baker Historic Neighborhood, where some of our favorite haunts are within a few blocks.  Here are some of the places we go:

The Mayan Theater (old movie theater now showing art films)

The Hornet (great neighborhood restaurant/bar)

Taki Sushi (no link – it’s new!)

Massage Specialists 

Deluxe (great restaurant)

The Episcopal Church of St. Peter and St. Mary

Fancy Tiger (DIY boutique, written up in last Sunday’s New York Times)

Spicy Basil (Thai food)

I’ll quit there – but there’s much, much more.


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