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1) This morning, I run while listening to an interview with Mariane Pearl.  Just after hearing about how her husband Daniel proudly identified himself as a Jew to his own captors, even recalling the street in Israel named after his great-grandfather Chaim Pearl, I reach a sign that reads “Pearl St”.  I’ve seen it dozens of times, but rarely follow it in the course of my morning run.  Today, on an impulse, I turn right, in memory of Daniel and in honor of Mariane.

2) If I am due for a long run, I look forward to running counter-clockwise around Washington Park.  As I turn north along the eastern edge of the park, I’m greeted with this view (or one like it – I didn’t take the picture):

Wash Park view

3) During a morning run a couple of weeks ago, I saw about thirty young mothers pushing strollers of various sizes and colors (and contents, I’m sure, though I’m pretty sure most had babies in them) along the paved track at Wash Park.  All were doing some type of aerobic exercise as well, and there was something quite moving in their united and synchronized participation in something as simple as walking.

4) On the day after St. Patrick’s Day (or on the very day of St. Cyril, poor guy), two small things made me laugh during a beautiful Sunday run.  First, as I passed a neighborhood bar, a table of women cheered me on.  That never happens to me, and I probably needed it, too.

5) A few miles later, I was tickled to see two green balloons somehow untie themselves from a real estate sign and let themselves go.  Their owners had probably forgotten that Saint Patrick’s Day was over.  Or maybe they were making way for the St. Cyril’s day balloons.


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