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I’m taking a break from the World Wide Interweb for a few days.  I think I need my brain to get away from the virtual labyrinth, so I’ll check email but that’s about it.


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“View of the Capitol from the Library of Congress”

Moving from left to left, the light
is heavy on the Dome, and coarse.
One small lunette turns it aside
and blankly stares off to the side
like a big white old wall-eyed horse.

On the east steps the Air Force Band
in uniforms of Air Force blue
is playing hard and loud, but—queer—
the music doesn’t quite come through.

It comes in snatches, dim then keen,
then mute, and yet there is no breeze.
The giant trees stand in between.
I think the trees must intervene,

catching the music in their leaves
like gold-dust, till each big leaf sags.
Unceasingly the little flags
feed their limp stripes into the air,
and the band’s efforts vanish there.

Great shades, edge over,
give the music room.
The gathered brasses want to go

–Elizabeth Bishop

Also, a must-read about the surprising origins of patriotism in the U.S.


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Five people I’m not (but who share my name, according to Google):

1.  A 28-year-old American professional wrestler

2.  A professor of Marine Biology at a British university (specializing in the Chinese mitten crab, among other things)

Chinese mitten crab

3.  A first baseman for a university baseball team in the U.S. South

4.  The Chief Strategy Officer for an online business that buys and sells domain names

5.  An attorney in Michigan

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    Ummmm, try it?

    Since my post titles are apparently brought to you by the letter U today (Unsinkable Mali, Up for air), I’ve decided to keep up the trend.  Anyway, as my earlier post indicated, my teaching-in-two-places life has made things crazy lately.  One thing that has eased the craziness is pbwiki.com, which has cleared up some of the chaos that I associate with the classroom management programs that most universities use.   The wikis are easy to use: I use mine to put up course announcements, reading assignments, powerpoint presentations, presentation schedules, etc.  Plus I get the slightly subversive satisfaction of not using the sanctioned  tools, and of making the students do the same.

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